Spiritual and Emotional Support Group

SAYFSM facilitates an HIV support group that meets twice a month. Participants and their families receive emotional support and wellness education.

Are you looking for a village? Consider joining the SAYFSM Support Group!

Who is the support group for? The program is for Africans living with HIV/AIDS.
The meetings are highly confidential. People of all faiths are welcome.

When does the group meet? Every other Saturday.

What happens at the meetings? The meetings are culturally and linguistically appropriate.
They last from 2-3 hours and are divided into three parts:

Fellowship and spiritual nourishment
Come for prayer, singing, and encouragement.

Eating a meal together
A variety of African foods are provided at every meeting.

Emotional support and wellness education
Experts in HIV/AIDS and other health fields educate the group about important topics.

Here are some comments from group members:

“Even if I am not feeling well I do not want to miss any of the meetings because when I come to the group I feel all better and refreshed.”

“Just by coming here and seeing my brothers and sisters makes me relax because everyone is concerned about me and supports me in every way they can and everyone is cooperative.”

“Before I came to this group I used to cry and worry a lot, thinking it is only me who is dealing with this and nobody understands. I didn’t even know how to take care of myself. I felt hopeless, and all I was thinking was about death But coming here helped me to see that there is life after HIV and I can live a normal life again.”

“Life in this country is very stressful but whenever I come to this group meeting I forget everything and become relaxed and filled with energy to go forward and it helps to have people who understand my culture and language.”

Please contact us at info@sayfsm.org or 651-644-3983 for more information.

Our services are free, confidential, and nonjudgmental.
We serve all Africans regardless of country of origin, culture, language, and religion.