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Mbiu is a Swahili word that means “the call.” It refers to the summoning of African communities, calling them to gather at a meeting place for an important announcement.

Fall 2013 Newsletter

Under One Roof Update


Spindle spinning at the Textile Center of Minnesota

SAYFSM in collaboration with the Weavers Guild of Minnesota has started a spinning and weaving project with the women of the Self-Sufficiency Program – Under One Roof.  The project is still in the planning stage; however, at this time, the women are thoroughly enjoying learning to spin on wheels at the Textile Center of Minnesota.  Many thanks go to Linda Hansen (Weaver Guild Minnesota) and Judy Goebel (WGM volunteer and artist) for their assistance on this project.  Stay tuned for upcoming developments in this new endeavor that will highlight the spinning and weaving traditions of the women and share the craft with the greater community.



At Emmanuel Lutheran Church, St. Paul


At Cross of Hope Lutheran Church


The women were invited to Cross of Hope Lutheran Church in Ramsey for a craft sale on November 9; unfortunately, they were unable to attend.  However, on November 16, the women were able to sell their quilted items at Central Lutheran School’s Holiday Boutique in Saint Paul.  Thank you, Central Lutheran School, for that opportunity.


The women sold their crafts at three shows this past year.  We were fortunate to be invited to sell at the Saint Paul Synod Women of the ELCA’s Convention in May, 2013.  This year’s event was held at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Saint Paul.   Thank you for the opportunity.  It was a wonderful experience.

Thanks also to the Minneapolis Area Synod Women of the ELCA for our invitation to your fall Gathering at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Minneapolis.  We had a wonderful time and appreciate the opportunity to sell our work and meet other women in the community.

Thanks Rick


Rick Engel of Sew Mach Tech

On October 19, 2013, Rick, of Sew Mach Tech, graciously donated seven hours of his time to perform maintenance and repairs on 14 of SAYFSM’s sewing machines.  Additionally, he donated a wonderful machine for our students to use.  Thank you so much, Rick!

End of Summer Picnic

The wonderful folks at Normandale Lutheran Church held an end-of-summer picnic for our clients.  It took place at Hansen Park in New Brighton and featured great food and lots of fun.  The water balloons were a big hit.  The church donated backpacks specifically packed with items needed for each student.  The children were delighted to receive a pack with their name on it and full of everything they needed to start school.  Thanks so much Normandale Lutheran Church for your ever ongoing generosity and thoughtfulness.  We are so blessed by your presence in our lives!


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